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Been a while....
Life's been pretty hectic. Packing up from one school, applying to another. Christmas season....yea. In the works of withdrawing from UMASSD and Enrolling in BSC....I'm gonna be commuting from another semester in Randolph X_x...I took down some the posters in my old room(which is now amy's room) one of the saddest things...idk y but it just hit me really hard that I'm not a kid n e more. that I can't hold onto everything forever. I still have a lot to take down yea about bsc..I think that the move will be good for me. Get's me away from all the crazyness, unnecissary drinking and drugs and whatever else. At the same time, I'll miss my roommate and the couple friends I had made there. Ontop of that, Applying for a job...and working on getting my ears pierced...horrible luck with that(long story). I havn't had much time to just sit down in a quiet room and think. Havn't had much time to just sit and reflect. Or rather, I havn't made time for it. I think that it's getting to me... I feel like i get annoyed easier and it doesn't feel right. It feels almost as though winter is 1/2 over, but it's really just begun. Too much snow and sleet and rain and needs to be summer again.
Me and kim just had our first christmas and our 7 month. Everything is amazing between us. We make each other very happy and have "done the impossible" had a viable and successful relationship throughout the first semester of college. It wasn't easy, we've over come a lot. But we can work through just about anything. And we couldn't be any more happy about it. I got 2 B+'s, 1 B, 1 B- and 1 C for first semester....not the best, but I think i did prettyy good.
Only a couple more weeks until my b-day(going to see TBDM, still havn't bought my tickets). 19...not really n e more important birthdays for me after 20. Since I don't drink, 21 isn't reallyy gonna matter. It's wierd to think that I'm almost 20. It feels like yesterday I was a stupid awkward freshman. I really hope that the real world isn't like college. people are stupid and dont know when to say no. I understand that some people can drink and not loose control, but the majority of people that I've seen can't or wont. It just doesnt make any sence to me. not even going to continue on that.
Lizz died while I was at UMD. Had him 8+ years. Best water dragon ever. We picked up chip, the lil Water Dragon a couple weeks ago as well. He's mischievious, but interesting.Ornamental is huge. I'm still looking for a place to get my tattoo. One place said that it'll prolly cost $450. kinda steep, but if i want it done right, it'll prolly cost a lot.
I think I'll write in here again soon...idk..

"I've been here so long, I think that it's time to move.The winters soo cold, summer's over too soon. Let's pack our bags and settle down where palm trees grow. I've got some friends, some that I hardly know. And We've had some times, I wouldn't trade for the world."-Rise Against

"We do feel alone. That place in my mind. Is that space that you call mine?"-Slipknot

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Yay BSC :D Now you can come visit me in the writing studio, and you bettttter!

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