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Picture someplace, any place. Someplace where you can relax.

It's a cool fall morning. It's not terribly cold outside, but you can see your breathe in the air as you exhale. The fog that overpowers the surrounding landscape surrounds you and envelopes you into it. The sounds of early morning birds and the rustling of a few squirrels are the only noticable sounds. The birds seem to have been awake for hours, quickly darting through the air and up onto their perches. The squirrels are digging through the crunchy autumn leaves in desperate search of elusive acorns. It doesn't seem that the sun has risen yet, but you can see your surroundings clearly. The fog seems to float above the ground as if there is an invisible forcefield holding it there. It moves and flows throughout the area in and around you. You watch it float around and over your open palm, but never touching. As you procede, you notice that the ground is no longer littered with the crunchy leaves that make the familiar loud crunches under your sneakers. Instead, your steps seem almost silent atop the thousands of pine needles. The golden slivers carpet the ground and overcome the leaves. Your hands are starting to get cold, so you place them in your pockets. Your pockets provide a warm shelter and you continue along your path hands in pockets. No one else seems to be awake, and you feel like your the only person on the entire planet. No hustle and bustle of people hurrying from here to there. No rush to go where your heading. The stress of the day slip off of you like a raindrop off of a rooftop. Allowing all of your muscles to relax and letting the tension radiate out allowing yourself to succomb to the feelings your having. Going through your mind and addressing the things that are bothering you and thinking of possible solutions. Thinking of the cause of the feelings and what you can do to resolve them. Just allow these quiet minutes to reflect on yourself and how you can become a better person. Hold a door for someone, share a pencil, compliment someone. Small things can make a big diffrence. As you continue on, the fog seems to disipate and as it does, the familiar sights of cars and people come into view. They'll never know what you just saw, but you know that today is your day to do good in the world.

"The way you lived your life, it mesmerizes me."-CKY

"You painted a picture, happier than I can afford."-Sugarcult

"This is halloween, this is halloween. Halloween, halloween."-The Nightmare Before Christmas

"A simple sound, a heavy sigh will win the whole world over."-CKY

"Am I still you charm or am I just bad luck?...Lets unwrite these pages and replace them with our own words...If love is a labor, I'll slave 'till the end."-Rise Against

"Don't know, what I was looking for when I went home, I found me alone. Sometimes, I need someone to say 'You'll be alright, what's on your mind?'...Sometimes, I miss knowing someone's there for me and feeling free."-Yellowcard

"This heart, it beats, beats for ONLY YOU!"-Paramore

I Love You Babe ♥
You mean so much to me. I love being with you and getting to hold u in my arms. Getting the sweet gift of a kiss and a warm embrace, you make my heart flutter and make me all giggly like a lil boy with a crush. I love you baby, thank you. 5/24/07 ♥



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