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because I feel like it....
So much has changed since I've used this site. And yet life remains the same. In a state of constantly changing, while seeming rather mundane. It's so strange to go through the old posts and read how I used to think, how I used to cope with things and to see what I thought was going to happen in the future.

UPDATE: I have snakes...lots of snakes. I focus on Borneo short-tail pythons and blood pythons. But I also keep a few other species as well. I've found that the music I most enjoy is fast pace/aggressive metal with hardcore influence. But I also like complex music (classical, technical guitar, etc). Photography has been a huge outlet for me. I love taking pictures, especially of reptiles, but I love taking pictures of just about anything. Being able to capture a moment in time, to portray an image/story to the viewer has to be my favorite part. Without using words, a strong picture can share a message, elicit emotion, give an over tone and say so much more than even a first hand account can give. I can't wait to get a better camera. Mine works well, but I feel like I could be taking much better quality pictures. It's all in due time I suppose.
My Pictures can be seen at:

I've had a lot of new friends come into my life and a few bonds have grown stronger. Met a guy named Jon McAlister who has a real knack for animals kinda like me. Although he's better with mammalian things than I am lol. He's a cool guy, we have lots of differences but work well together. The Crew that goes to NERD has gotten really close and close with Kara which is really nice. She is absolutly awesome and I'm glad we get to see her periodically and brighten up her day. She deserves more than she is getting. But I feel like her near future is looking better and better by the day. Me and Ken are working out some plans for the future with the snakes, so that actually has me reaaalllllllyyy excited. Working with Borneo short-tails has always been my goal and if me and him combine our efforts, we could produce some seriously impressive animals. Kimberly and I are still together and going strong 3 years and 3 months later. Still keeping things interesting.

I got my lip pierced about a week ago and I love it. I feel like it suites me rather well and I really want to get the other side done. I've wanted snake bites for as long as I can remember. So as long as they aren't holding me back from any job opportunities right now, why not? I'm actually feeling like I look better. I feel closer to what I feel I should look like. I feel better looking, as weird as that sounds. A few people weren't crazy about the piercing, but a LOT really like it. and I like it, which is what matters most. I started long boarding, which is a good way to exercise and have fun. A lot easier than skateboarding(short boards) and is actually a pretty good form of transportation.

The world is really scaring me now a days. The values that I'm seeing in society disgust me. Drugs, alcohol, promiscuity and general disregard for anything/anyone but oneself are rampant. People refuse to see the connections between these things and why their lives aren't going how they'd liked. When was the last time alcohol did something good for you? My decision to be straight edge has never been affirmed by so many people/experiences as college has. "College life" almost disgusts me. Just cram a bunch of 20 year olds in dorm buildings and then basically disregard general laws. "Oh they are just living the college life" " Oh they are getting the college experience"... Not a viable excuse to me...I really don't want to start on the subject cause I wont stop.
What ever happened to the days where people were nice to eachother? The days when you didn't need a reason to hold a door for someone? The days when, if a friend called for a ride, you were there and didn't ask questions if they didn't feel like talking? Where did all the genuinely good people go? I'm finding they are few and far between. Its really discouraging to me. I try to go out of my way to help other people out. If standing back for an extra minute means I could hold the door for someone, I'd absolutly do it. I don't need a reason, it's just the right thing to do. How do people not see that? You'd want someone to hold the door for you right? You'd want them to hold the door for your mother/grandmother/cousin/whatever. I like doing nice things for people, but sometimes I'd rather go un-noticed. Do a random act of kindness for someone and have it be anonymous.

I've been getting these monsterous headaches the last couple days and its completely out of the ordinary for me. My entire life I got headaches maybe 3 or 4 times. and the last 4 nights I have had these horrendous headaches that have been keeping me from sleeping. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you, I can fall asleep just about anywhere/anytime. But these headaches have been so persistent. I took 2 pain relievers(again highly unlike me) to see if it changes anything tonight. We'll see how that all goes. I hope I get some more time to write in this, I feel like it'll help me keep some weight off my mind.
until then.

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The piercings look great Rob!
I miss my tunnels. I had 3 in each ear...0, 2 & 4 gauge! I think I might have to stretch them out again. :)
Cant wait to see the pictures when you get the snakebites finished.

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