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weird dream >__
Hanging out with Beth V. At my house. I leave my room and she asks why the pastel and tiger rat are together? I freak out and pull the pastel only to realize there are 6 small eggs in the incubator. Thinking they are the tiger rats, I begin pulling them out onto the floor. I notice that 2 of the eggs are wide open and empty, as though the baby had already cut it's way out. As I further inspect the other eggs, they all have small slits in them. Beth is sitting on the steps of my bed. I start to open each egg to find fully formed and alive baby ball pythons. A pastel, killer Bee and a spider. Which baffled me. Since she hasn't been bred since the bee left. I put the eggs/babies in a binder (?) and we head to my dining room.
Then we end up at a large scale library which reminded me of the one at UMASS Dartmouth. But this library was in an urban area. She began feverishly typing, hacking into some network... I went on the computer next to her and began playing games >__<. she said we had to leave abruptly, so we walked out the front door, with out computers still logged in. As soon as she touched the front door and went into the lobby of the larger building the library was located in, we quickly went back to the computers. Some meat-heads had jumped on mine and brought up some sports website. But they quickly retreated when they saw us returning. Beth began hacking whatever network she was doing, when I heard a fight breaking out. About 15' from us, there was a decent size group of people (15-30) sitting in a large circle in the main floor of the library. A man wearing baggy shorts was now standing yelling at one of the other students. The one with the baggy shorts was holding a camcorder and was wearing an over sized T shirt and a flat brim hat. As he was getting more angry and more and more in the other guys face, the other guy stood up and started yelling back. He then scooped the flat brim hat right off his aggressors head. The crowd ooooooooooooo'ed. The librarian RAN out the door, I'm assuming to go get security. The guy in the shorts tossed the camcorder at the other person and they attempted to catch it with the newly acquired hat. Which wasn't extremely successful. After watching that whole fiasco unfold, I look back and Beth is no longer there...? So I log out of my computer and head to the hotel across the street.
This is where things get strange... I walk past the lobby and directly to the function room areas, where I quickly discover there's a fetish convention in town. X__x I should have left right then, but being me, I decided to explore. I pass a door labeled "S&M"... A door labeled "spanking, etc"... A door labeled "latex"... And I walk around the corner and see a door labeled "strap sandals/feet"... I peek in, and I remember seeing a few older women, then some guys around my age. So I walk in. 1/2 the room is setup like a circle of chairs and the other half if in rows. At the opposite corner of the room, in front of the rows, there is a woman standing there in full "fetish attire" who directs me to walk over to see her before moving on to the rest of the room. Now, I don't remember at what point I get naked, but by the time I was standing in front of her, i was. She starts asking me general "icebreaker" questions... What's your name? Where are you from? How old? And all I'm thinking is "IM NAKED, WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?" she tossed me a sombrero(?) which I quickly used to cover myself up. It then dawns on me to look around and checkout who else is there, if I'd know anyone. And WHAT DO YA KNOW, kims roommate (Amanda) one of her sweet mates(Jen) from college are there, in the very last row on that side of the room. I turn quickly to the front of the room again. MAJORLY embarrassed, I thought, maybe I'm seeing things and it's just someone who looks similar?? So I slowly turn around again, and no such luck, the 3 of them are looking at me in shock, horror, disgust. Cue me feeling INCREDIBLY embarrassed, ashamed, disturbed. Amanda and her friend immediately stood up, on confirmation that it was actually me standing there and stormed out of the room. Her friend added, " I CAN'T BELIEVE I saw his ass" x_x. Jen left shortly after they did. I didn't really stay. as soon as they let me sit down, I started looking for a jacket. I grabbed one out of the coat closet as well as a hat and some pants and left with my head hung low. Trying to make a quiet exit.
I ended up in the basement of the hotel. Where their conference rooms are. An exit sign about the largest one attracted me to it. I walked into all hell breaking loose! A man was in a fist fight with a large Russian woman. I *wanted* to walk away, but I couldn't. The guy was getting thoroughly beaten. They were trying to stand on the desk at the head of the room and push aside the ceiling tiles. By the time they had gotten one moved to the side, I was standing right next to them. An old looking coin fell from the space as well as some newer coins. I picked up the old one and slyly put it in my pocket. The other 2 people were scrambling trying find more... In the ensuring madness I ended up with a small stack of rare coins. I helped the man escape the room, by holding a piano from being pushed infront of the escape door to the outside. He ran one way, I ran the other and was met by my dad... Who saw the coins and said I needed to immediately invest them in long term stocks and bonds. As I got into his truck to head home... I woke up... X____x


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